Our Method


OBC can help you establish a recycling program from scratch through our disciplined four-step process. Even if you have a well-established operation, the OBC Method can help you improve material flow, increase efficiency and generate more revenue and savings from your recycling efforts.



Call the OBC team and we will help you take the first step toward implementing a profitable recycling program in your business. By conducting a no-obligation initial analysis to review your processes, we can help answer your questions and provide information to help you better manage your waste materials. Even if our analysis does not result in an equipment purchase, our goal is to help everyone recognize their potential for recycling.


Prior to recycling, your operation needs to develop a plan for the proper storage of the waste material you generate. The OBC team can assist you in creating a solution for separating and storing your waste materials and determining the potential revenue this waste stream can generate. Good storage planning not only preps you for the recycling process, but will also help keep your work place clean, safer and more organized.


If we determine that you generate enough recyclable waste to warrant an equipment investment, we can help identify your options for managing and processing that waste for market. The variety, volume and throughput of your waste material, amount of open floor space, and availability and cost of labor will all figure into which machine best fits your business. Our goal is to help you generate a positive return on your investment within 12–18 months of purchase.


OBC can help you identify reputable partners in your local area that can arrange for purchase and acquisition of your recyclable materials. We can also provide consultation to help you create a broader market plan for selling your material, as well as how to best sort, prepare and package your materials to generate the highest value in world markets.