RUNI Screw Compactor

RUNI Screw Compactor

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Quickly deliquify and compact beverage and liquid containers of all types (except glass). FEATURES: Easily readable amp meter for quick compaction adjustments Stainless steel matrix and press chamber for added durability One-touch start and automatic stop for simple and safe operation No added heat—friction-based compaction for ultra energy efficiency Screw compaction with hydraulically controlled jaws CONTAINER DELIQUIFIERS Quickly deliquify and compact beverage and liquid containers of all type (except glass) with the RUNI SK-370 deliquifier solution. Achieve an 8:1 reduction ratio, and maintain a high throughput without the laborious effort of manually emptying containers. Create a high-quality final product by ensuring the removal of all liquids before compacting PET and other bottles, and maximize your recycling profits. Materials Processed PET containers HDPE containers UBCs Steel cans Most other liquid cartons and containers Block Density: Lbs/ft3: 15 Block Density: Kgs/m3: 250 Capacity: 18 oz. bottles per hour: 12000 Capacity: 53 oz. bottles per hour: 5000 Motor: main: 24 hp Motor: hydraulic: .88 hp Motor: electrical: 63 A (480V 60 Hz)


IndustryBottling Plants, Beverage Recyclers, PET Processing, Aluminum Cans