MaxPak Vertical Baler

MaxPak Vertical Baler

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An affordable mixed-material vertical baler for low to mid-level volumes. FEATURES: Extra-durable construction with 12” header beams and 10” side channels Tube-steel reinforced discharge door and bale chamber Subfloor constructed with 8 pieces of channel steel Exclusive use of D04 valves, all wiring contained in conduit Platen roller guides for smooth operation Spring-loaded 6” Dawgs maintain bale integrity during process Full 10” ratchet wheel provides easier operation

The workhorse of the industry. The standard 60” vertical baler for any cardboard, paper, plastic, or textile application. Creates a mill sized bale of 60” x 30” x 48”. Materials Processed Newspaper (ONP) Cardboard (OCC) High-Grade Paper Plastics(PET, HDPE, Film) Steel Cans Aluminum Cans (UBCs) Nonferrous Metals


IndustryDistribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, Recycling Centers, OCC, Plastics, Aluminum Cans