Johnstown, OH and Norcross, GA -

IWI purchased an industrial silo in Johnstown, OH and needed it loaded and transported to Norcross, GA. They were hoping to salvage a caged ladder and platform that were attached to the exterior of the silo; however, the diameter of the silo with the additional dimension of the caged ladder and platform exceeded the parameters for a legal load on the trailer they had procured.

Their initial plan was to try to obtain a low boy trailer that would be more accommodating to the equipment. Deferring to our expertise, we advised them that the costs associated with waiting for a different trailer to arrive would far exceed the costs associated with building an entirely new ladder and platform on site once the silo was delivered to its final destination.

Our millwrighting crew then quickly removed the ladder and platform, along with a few additional non-essential elements, to prep the load for transport to Georgia. These changes to the exterior of the silo reduced its height enough to allow it to be transported legally on the original trailer already in position. When the silo arrived, a team was in place and ready to rebuild those pieces on site. This completed a successful move and installation of this equipment.

We appreciate and are respectful of the investment our customers make when they hire us to do a job. When unforeseen challenges arise, OBC Rigging acts proactively to help find the most cost-effective solutions to any challenge.