Moundsville, WV -

Blake Construction, located in West Virginia, purchased some woodworking machinery and equipment from an industrial auction held in Cleveland, Ohio. Obviously they required transportation to get their equipment to their facility in Moundsville, WV. They called OBC Rigging to provide a solution, and the versatility and flexibility of our service offerings ultimately saved them enormous time and money.

Moving a load of machinery like that requires several points of engagement: moving and loading the equipment on a flatbed trailer, road transportation between points of purchase and use, and the offload and positioning at the final destination. Many companies have to hire and coordinate with three different rigging providers, one to satisfy each of these needs. OBC Rigging was able to support Blake Construction through this entire process.

Our diversified in-house semi and trailer fleet, together with our team of rigging professionals and drivers, were able to perform the move and load, handle the transportation down to West Virginia, and offload and position the equipment at Blake Construction all in the same day.

Why deal with three different points of contact and process three different invoices from three different companies for the same need? As the single provider for all aspects of this job, we were able to make it easier, more efficient, and more cost effective for our customer. This particular job is a perfect example of our “one-stop shop” philosophy when it comes to rigging.