Eastlake, OH -

Sometimes, when a customer calls us to handle their plant relocation, we can find some pretty unique surprises! When Federal Gear was ready to upgrade to a new facility and called OBC Rigging to handle their move, we discovered that some of the larger machines in their plant predated World War II. Dismantling this large, cast iron equipment that was manufactured more than 70 years ago was quite a challenge.

To transport the largest machine within legal height and weight requirements, it was determined that a partial dismantling was required. But there were no manuals, no mechanical drawings, no schematics, and no one on the current staff who could provide any instruction or insight as to how we should proceed. But with the technical and engineering expertise of our team, we were able to devise a complete plan before turning a single wrench.

Because there were no instructions, and this machine was very large and complex, a methodical approach to the project was critically important. OBC Rigging documented the entire dismantling process, creating both written instructions and photographic records to ensure the reassembly went as smoothly as possible.

On this project, moving the machines from point A to point B was only part of the process. The entire scope of work required some intuition, meticulous planning and documentation, and ensuring that all equipment was fully functional at the new location. Our expertise in planning, logistics and documentation were crucial in accomplishing this successful move.