Eastlake, OH -

When a company needs to relocate a plant or equipment, planning minimal disruptions to operations is a high priority, but a significant challenge. OBC Rigging understands this well — we have worked with many customers to help them maintain business as “almost usual” during a move. When Enpress outgrew their facility and needed to move into a larger building, they called us to help them plan and execute their move.

Limiting the impact of a plant relocation begins well in advance of the move itself, with multiple client meetings and site visits. The logistics portion of planning a move is the most crucial component in minimizing downtime. And for Enpress, their highest priority was limiting the impact on production during their plant relocation. The tradeoff is often a longer move time, but with the OBC Rigging team, we were able to develop and execute a plan that was most beneficial in every aspect.

Working closely with the customer, we created and executed a manageable schedule that maintained an acceptable level of production with a minimum amount of impact during relocation. Our strategy involved moving an entire production line after it had completed a production run, transporting it to the new building, and getting it fully operational before moving on to the next set of machines. While this approach extended the duration of the project and required multiple days between each move, it did produce the least amount of interruption to production and enabled Enpress to keep their commitments to their customers.

OBC Rigging's planning and logistics helps customers minimize the impact of moving on their business. By engaging us well in advance, we can create a strategy that works best for each individual need.